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Sensational Sauna Temperatures: Diverse Heat Experiences in Different Sauna Types

The ideal sauna temperature has sparked extensive debates, but the answer isn’t definitive — it varies based on sauna type and personal inclinations.

Infrared Sauna

Infrared saunas utilize infrared sources for heating, with temperatures around 40 °C (104 °F). 

These saunas require around 20 minutes per session, allowing the infrared radiation to permeate the body. They are ideal for those less tolerant of intense heat or steam.

Let’s explore the favored temperatures for various popular saunas:

Finnish Sauna

With over a thousand years of history, the Finnish sauna employs dry heat. 

The sauna air is hot and arid, occasionally infused with brief bursts of humidity by adding water to the stones. Temperatures range from 70-100 °C (158-212 °F), often with tiered seating to cater to varied preferences.

Some seasoned sauna enthusiasts opt for even higher temperatures, reaching up to 120 °C (248 °F), but caution is advised, as this might prove unbearable for most. Following each session, a cool water dousing or fresh air cooldown is customary. 

The Finnish sauna offers an extended relaxation experience.

Traditional Russian Sauna

Banyas, or traditional Russian saunas, boast centuries-old legacies and rely on steam rather than dry heat. 

These saunas employ a substantial brick oven to attain a maximum of 50 °C (122 °F), followed by water poured onto hot stones to generate dense steam. In contrast to the Finnish sauna, the Russian version maintains a lower but more humid atmosphere. 

The sauna regimen, however, remains akin—multiple rounds of heating followed by cooling through cold air, water, or snow.

Turkish or Arabic Sauna

This ancient sauna variant, prevalent in Islamic nations, employs water baths to heat the air and raise temperatures to 40-50 °C. 

Hammams, prominent in the Arab world, function as social spaces in addition to relaxation havens. Their popularity has extended to Europe and North America.

Steam Sauna

Modern steam saunas share similarities with Russian saunas, offering high humidity and lower temperatures.
Steam saunas use generators to produce steam, typically maintaining temperatures between 40-45 °C (104-113 °F) with humidity around 100%.

The sauna regimen, however, remains akin—multiple rounds of heating followed by cooling through cold air, water, or snow.

In today’s sauna world, whether you favor Finnish dry heat, Russian steam, or modern infrared, a sauna fitting your preferences is available.

If you’re contemplating building your own sauna, explore our outdoor sauna offerings or contact us for personalized advice!